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"We have been online since the Summer of 1999" charges
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CT Tourist Guide - Connecticut River Valley & Shoreline

Rule #1
Your Business must have a "Physical" presence in one
or more of the following Connecticut towns...

East Haddam
Deep River
Old Lyme
East Lyme
Old Saybrook
Middle Haddam
East Hampton

If you do not see your town listed, then this web site is not for you.
( I am all ears if you have a business that you want listed,
and wish to discuss it's relevance if it is not located in these towns)

Rule #2

In order to receive a link to your web site, your web site MUST link back to TWICE.

The First Link must be a link to both & from the bottom of your web site's home page.

And a link from at least one internal page of your web site like a links page, or other relevent page for a link exchange between us.

This 2nd internal link will link to
a total of 4 web sites.


The jist of this is that I have a fairly nice web site that draws about 700 - 1100+ people per day, from which you will garner some nice locally qualified web traffic for you. In return for this exposure, your links to my sites provide me with a little exposure but more importantly, improved rank on major search Engines, from your links to my sites. I hope that you will consider the trade off acceptible.

Rule #3
You are welcome to provide me a photo or two of your business.
(Whether you have a web site or not)

The photos should not exceed 3" x 5" in size.
( 216 pixels x 360 pixels )

They need to be .JPG or .GIF files ONLY

No Animation images please.

Photos should be attractive and peasing to look at.

Rule #4

If you want more than 1 link to your web site from an appropriate page on my web site, e-mail me, or give me a call to discuss it. In cases where multiple links are requested, I do seek either a monetary payment for such placement, or mutually agreeable B-A-R-T-E-R Exchange.

I am easy, as long as we both
get some benefit from it.


If you Wish to have a Link from my web site, but do not
wish to do the Link Exchange, as stated above, that is fine with me.

I charge $250 a Year for a single well placed listing on my web site's
internal pages., and an Extra $50 per year if you want a Photo displayed as well.

If you want a well placed ad on my Web Sites Home Page, that is $600 per year, with photo.

The Choice is all yours.


CT Tourist Guide - Connecticut River Valley & Shoreline
Click Here to visit the Connecticut River Valley online.

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========================================= is NOT affiliated or funded by any Connecticut State, or Chamber of Commerce Agencies. We are a private web site that is owned and operated out of East Haddam, Connecticut, by Acorn Creek Internet Consulting. You may contact the site owner, Mark G. Cappitella by phoning: 1-860-873-3266.

Mark Cappitella Initially created this web site as a hobby in 1999, to gather and promote relevant businesses and local information about the Connecticut River Valley, to people searching on the Internet for this local information. It has now grown into a rather large site, and is still growing. Currently receiving 800 - 1100 visitors per day, the site is becoming a popular Connecticut Information resource.


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to Add / Update Your Business Listing!

How did get started, you ask?

I (Mark Cappitella) created this web site as a personal hobby, starting back in 1999. It was simply used a way for me to compile local information about places and things to do in the area, as I am not native to the CT River Valley Region. I moved here from New Jersey in January of 1999. I came here with a good knowledge of web site making dating back to 1996. I used this web site primarily for my own use, and for the benefit of friends and family who visited me, as well as the occasional monthly visitor that would stop by, related to my Wooden jigsaw Puzzle Business. The original reason I made the site is that I found that I could not find any single source of good information about the CT River Valley, on the Internet.

As time progressed through 2000, 2001 and 2002, the web site grew from a 2 page web site up to about a dozen pages, and slowly I had more and more visitors who would find the web site through internet searches, as well as links at a few other web sites, including my own.

In the Spring of 2003, I decided it was time to give a major push to really add more content to the site, and give those who were viewing it some better information. At this point there were several hundred people looking at the web site every day. In May of 2003, I added a good number of my own personal photographs, and made a concerted effort to create meaningful sections to the site in order to categorize the information I was able to pull together. The information I gathered here is in some cases, first hand information, other data comes form local telephone books, state tourism web sites, organization based web sites, and from direct submission for a good number of web sites.

By the middle summer of 2003, was consistently having over 1,000 (Unique) visitors per day . This was an exciting barrier to break through, knowing that as many as 8,000 people per week were viewing my web site. It is obvious that there are a good number of people out there who use the internet to gather information about things to do, and places to visit in Connecticut.

Now I am entering the spring of 2004, and things are looking great here on the web site. I have added many more links to websites that provide great information, and services to visitors of this area. I am now even able to track how many visitors my web sites sends to each of these places. So far the statistics are looking great. I am hopeful that this year I will begin to break the 2,000 visitors per day mark during the peak tourist season during the summer and fall season.

In the upcoming months, I plan to focus a lot on outdoor activities like Boating & Marinas, recreational Parks and camping, Museums, Live Music venues, and places that are specifically Children Friendly. I am a father of 5 children, ages 9,8,5,3 & 1, so I have first hand experience of a parents desire to take their kids to places that welcome them. Parks, Beaches, Restaurants, Museums, Movie theaters, stores... etc.

if you have any input that you wish to give me related to anything you see, or that you do not see here on my web site, I welcome you to please contact me. Unless people tell me what is on their minds, or about things that I am not personally aware of, there is no way I can share this good information with everyone here at CT River

Oh, I did overlook mentioning that in the Fall of 2003, I began to promote this web site in such a way to encourage businesses that wish to be listed, to join the web site on a Subscribership basis. Subscription fees range from as little as $0 for a basic business listing without a web site link, to $950 per year to be a platinum sponsor of this web site. I have invested well over 1000 hours of my time between 1999, and early 2004 to design and develop this web site, as well as take the many photos that you see throughout the web site. I figure that at this point it is only fair that I receive a financial return for the investment I have made to better serve the local community. I have set what I consider to be a very fair rate structure, that surely generates enough visitors to local businesses webs sites that they will more than recover the advertising expense from their added business. An now that I have the ability to track every hit I provide to an advertisers web site, I'll be able to share this information with them.

If you know of a local business that presents itself well via it's Internet web site, I encourage you to please tell them about CT River so that they might consider signing up for a listing.

Remember, ALL businesses in the CT River Valley are entitled to a free Basic listing. which consists of their business name, address and phone number. Please spread the word. is NOT affiliated or funded by any Connecticut State, or Chamber of Commerce Agencies. It is a private web site that is owned and operated out of East Haddam, Connecticut, by Acorn Creek Internet Consulting (Mark Cappitella). You may contact the site owner, Mark G. Cappitella by phoning: 1-860-873-3266. or Email.

Thank you for taking the time to read a little about this web site.


The Connecticut Towns the make up the "primary" region of the CT River Valley are... Essex, Old Saybrook, Chester, Deep River, Old Lyme, Westbrook, East Haddam, Hadlyme, Haddam, Lyme, Clinton, Higganum, Ivoryton, Centerbrook, Killingworth and Madison, CT.

Additional nearby Towns that I like to try to include in some of what this web site covers include... Guilford, East Lyme, Niantic, Groton, Uncasville, Norwich, Waterford, Mystic Seaport, New London, Norwich, Colchester, Durham, Cromwell, Hartford Waterfront, Portland, and Middletown, CT.

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